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How to Make Natural Fertilizers

By Greg Lindberg ; Updated September 21, 2017

Making your own natural fertilizer can be extremely beneficial to your garden by increasing the quality of your soil with necessary nutrients. Chemical fertilizers that are available on the market can sometimes disrupt your soil or hurt your plants or crops if they mix with other chemicals that you are unaware of. It’s best to use the simplest natural fertilizers first, then build up to make compost for fresh and organic fertilizer.

Mix equal amounts of mulch and grass clippings in a large plastic bag. It’s best to use fresh grass that was just mowed. Apply this mixture sparingly at first to your garden bed. Spread only a thin layer over the soil in your garden.

Add raked leaves to the grass clippings-mulch mixture after two to three days. If you don’t have fallen leaves, you can skip this step. However, the dead leaves are an organic material that will help add nutrients to the soil.

Gather animal waste to spread on your garden bed. Preferably, you should use chicken or cow waste, but dog and cat waste also can be beneficial. Bury the manure at least 2 to 3 inches deep in the soil. Don’t place the manure too close to the roots of newly growing plants.

Spread wood ash and coffee grounds over the garden bed after a week of applying the other natural fertilizers. You can simply sprinkle the coffee grounds over the soil. Also, one or two cups of cold coffee can act as a natural liquid fertilizer.

Create compost by purchasing or building a compost bin. Homemade compost bins can be made out of old garbage bins. Add a bedding to the compost that is a combination of shredded paper, peat moss and dead leaves. You can then add such kitchen scraps as fruit and vegetables. Apply the compost over your soil for the most beneficial natural fertilizer.


Things You Will Need

  • Grass clippings
  • Mulch
  • Large plastic bag
  • Dead leaves
  • Animal waste
  • Wood ash
  • Coffee grounds
  • Compost bin