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When Do Mums Bloom?

Chrysanthemums, commonly called mums, are light sensitive and begin to produce flowers when the days grow shorter. Mums typically bloom from mid-August until the first fall frost.

Mums Blooming

To herald the change of seasons, mums (Chrysanthemums spp.) Once established, pinch back the growing tips of the mums at two- to four-week intervals from planting until the beginning of July. Pinch each time the mums grow to about 6 inches high, reducing the stem length to about 4 inches. After the mums start to flower, cut off the dead blooms as soon as they begin to wilt. Snip through the stem 3 to 5 inches below the old flower so the bare stem isn't visible. This late-summer fertilization can increase flowering, especially in areas with wet summers where rainfall has caused nutrients to leach from the soil.

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