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How to Plant Bamboo in Containers


In traditional feng shui, the number of stalks in your plant has a special meaning. For example, two stalks together is said to bring love, while eight bring wealth and 21 are for a general home blessing.

Bamboo grows well indoors in containers. In fact, bamboo plants are an important part of feng shui, an ancient design practice that improves the energy of a space. Bamboo plants in containers are often referred to as lucky bamboo because they are said to attract the energy you need to be lucky in love, finances or health. Planting bamboo in containers yields an attractive arrangement.

Choose bamboo plants that are bright green with bright green leaves. Avoid stalks with soft spots, discoloration, cuts or yellowing leaves. Choose plants at least 6 inches tall and check the tips to make sure there are no black or dark brown spots.

Choose a container. Class or ceramic containers are best, but any water-tight container will do. Pick a container tall enough to hold a few inches of water and wide enough to allow a few inches between your plant and the container's edge. Keep in mind that glass containers allow light in, which leads to algae growth, so clear glass containers will need to be cleaned more regularly. Rinse and dry the container, but avoid using soap.

Gather your bamboo stalks together into a grouping and tie them together. Stalks are traditionally arranged in a cluster that is tied together by a gold or red ribbon. Do not tie the ribbon so tight that it will dent the bamboo as it grows.

Place the bamboo cluster into your container. Add your anchoring material to help the bamboo stand straight up. You can use marbles, pebbles, gravel or even sand; however, sand can be more difficult to care for. Add no more than a few inches of anchoring material. Different sized bamboo plants have different depth needs (see Resources).

Add enough filtered water to just cover your anchoring material. Place your plant in a location that receives indirect sunlight only and change the water completely every one to two weeks (see Resources).

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