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Types of Long Stem Roses

Long-stem roses are favorite gifts and make beautiful centerpieces on a dining room table, buffet or fireplace mantle. Hybrid tea roses grow a single flower on a long stem. Some varieties smell sweet and some have no odor. If you're thinking of growing these roses, you'll be rewarded with gorgeous flowers for years to come.

Apricot Roses

The roses in this category range from peach-apricot orange to creamy apricot. The Brandy, Sunstruck, Nancy Reagan and Joyfulness are mildly fragrant. Just Joey and Tahitian Sunset roses smell intensely sweet. The Marilyn Monroe rose is a creamy apricot and also has a mild fragrance.

Red Roses

Dark red long-stem roses include the Black Magic, Chrysler Imperial, Mister Lincoln and Oklahoma varieties. If you're looking for bright red hybrid tea roses, choose the Opening Night, Kardinal, Ingrid Bergman or Firefighter. Coral red and velvety red roses include the Fragrant Cloud, Liebeszauber and Spellbound.

Lavender Roses

Lavender long-stem roses are the Barbra Streisand, Fragrant Plum, Neptune and Paradise. They range in color from two-toned to silvery or light lavender. The smallest is 3 feet high and the largest grows to 6 feet.

Pink Roses

The Brides Dream and Duet roses are pale pink and have some fragrance. The Electron and Gentle Giant varieties are bright pink and grow from 4 to 6 feet high. The Elizabeth Taylor and Elle roses have a spicy scent. The Miss All American Beauty and Liebeszauber types are strongly fragrant.

Orange Roses

Some types of orange roses are Dolly Parton, Folklore, Remember Me and Tropicana, one of the most popular roses; it has an extremely sweet smell. These varieties grow from 4 to 6 feet tall.

Yellow Roses

Yellow is the color of friendship in roses. Pale yellow blooms are on the Butter Cream and Elina. The Peace rose is yellow on the bottom and goes to red on the edges; its flowers are very large. For bright or clear yellow flowers, choose the Apertif, Helmut Schmitt or Mellow Yellow varieties.

White Roses

Pure white long-stem roses grow from 4 to 7 feet high. The Whisper, John Paul 2nd, Honor and Crystaline are pure white. Cajun Moon and Moonstone roses have pink edges and a light fragrance.

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