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How to Stop Rabbits from Eating Your Flower Garden

Rabbit control can be trickier than keeping other types of pest out of your garden. Rabbits commonly nest in areas that are grassy or full of thickets. They also nest closely to where they can quickly feed on flowers, vegetables and tree bark. Rabbits commonly feed during the day and through all seasons. The most common type of rabbit that eats flower gardens is the Eastern cottontail. If you’re in an area where you have rabbits constantly eating your flower garden, then chances are you could also have recurring problems with deer and other wildlife, as well.

Place a fence around your garden that is at least 2 feet tall. The best type of fencing to use to keep rabbits out of your flower garden is chicken wire. You can buy chicken wire fencing at your local garden store or online.

Bury your fencing at least 2 inches deep into the soil so that the rabbits cannot easily burrow underneath the fence. Also, you need to make sure that the openings in your fence are not too wide for a rabbit to get through.

Find solutions that have distracting aromas that are used to keep rabbits away. For example, at your local garden store you may find a spray for rabbits that contains fox urine. Another smell that will keep rabbits away is dried blood.

Place small pieces of human hair around your garden to use as a deterrent. Hair is another object that has a smell which keeps rabbits away. The hair can also serve as a decent fertilizer to your soil after it breaks down.

Sprinkle liquid chili spray, such as Tabasco sauce, hot pepper flakes, or vinegar near your flowers. If you have vegetables near your flower garden you can try soaking the entire vegetable in vinegar for five minutes.

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