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How to Design an Asian Garden

By Cathy Conrad ; Updated September 21, 2017
Asian Garden

Open space and minimal plantings along with water features are at the heart of Asian gardens. These gardens are designed to reflect calm and serenity. Create your own Asian garden retreat by implementing the following Oriental characteristics.

Determine the space you have available for your new garden and plan your design on paper.

Create an entrance to your Asian garden, perhaps with an Oriental style gate or by flanking the entrance with two potted bonsai trees.

Use gravel and stepping stones to create meandering pathways throughout the garden. Create gravel beds to each side of the pathway in a staggered pattern. Plant a single Oriental tree (such as bonsai, cherry or pear) in the center of each gravel bed. Use a rake to make textured designs in the gravel to complement the lines of your chosen tree.

Create flowerbeds along the path that showcase Asian flowers such as hibiscus, tea roses and peace lilies.

Plant a wall of bamboo at one end of the garden or around the entire garden. Create a seating area near a water feature such as a small koi pond or water fountain. Adorn your water feature with stones and Asian flowers. Hang Oriental style lanterns to complete your Asian garden retreat.


Things You Will Need

  • Water feature
  • Gravel
  • Stepping stones
  • Hibiscus, tea roses or peace lilies
  • Small bamboo, cherry or pine trees
  • Lanterns
  • Gate

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