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How to Buy Discount or Cheap Patio Cushions or Patio Swing Replacement Cushion

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Cheap Patio cushions and cheap patio swing replacement cushions are not easy to come by. Usually patio cushions and patio swing replacement cushions are very costly and do not necessarily last a long time.

You want to be comfortable on your outdoor furniture or patio swing but you don't want to spend a fortune. If you are creative and flexible with your expectations, there are ways to get discount outdoor cushions that might not be your first choice, but will do the job.

Read the steps below for steps to buying cheap swing replacement cushions or cheap patio cushions.

Shop in advance -

Don't wait until the summer season to shop for cheap patio cushions. If you go shopping in the early spring for the upcoming summer or at the end of summer for next summer, you are more likely to find discount patio cushions at pre-season and end of the season sales.

Check if patio cushions or swing replacement cushions are really necessary - Some outdoor furniture works fine and feels comfortable enough without the cushions. In order to save money, only buy patio cushions or outdoor swing replacement cushions if they are needed.

Fix cushions instead of replacing -

Get prices for new patio cushions or swing replacement cushions and compare that with the price of fixing up old cushions that have worn out. If you have cushions you are already happy with, you might find they can be fixed up and used again. Sometimes you can put new stuffing inside and sew up loose ends instead of buying replacement cushions.

Use indoor cushions as a cheap alternative to patio cushions -

In general, you just use the patio cushions or swing cushions when you are using them. Therefore, consider if you really need waterproof patio cushions (which can be expensive). You can often get cheap cushions for indoor use or you might have indoor cushions at home already that you can use. If you are careful just to leave them outside when you are actually using the patio furniture, they can work just fine.

Note: It is a good idea to bring patio cushions and swing cushions into the house during the winter and even in the summer when not in use to keep the cushions in good shape and lasting longer.

Buy cushions for other purposes -

If you want cheap patio cushions, then be flexible in terms of type of cushion. For example, you might be able to take cheap patio chair cushions and line them up on a patio love seat which could be cheaper than buying a large cushion for a love seat.

Look around at stores in your area and online and see what you can buy for cheap. Then use your imagination and figure out if there is a way that they can fit your patio furniture.

Don't buy sets - buy colors and styles that are easy to match

If you are looking to buy cheap outdoor cushions, you should keep a list of cushions you are interested in and buy whatever you can find whenever you can find them. Don't wait to find a matching set for everything, as that can be expensive and you might pass up good deals. Puy piece by piece, just be sure to buy in solid colors or simple styles that are easy to match.

Skimp on sizes -

Sometimes you can get good deals on patio cushions if you are willing to buy ones that are not an exact fit.

Try buying cheap patio chair cushions that are made for a thin patio chair and use them for on a wider patio chair. It might not fit exactly, but it might be comfortable enough and a lot cheaper.

Note: You really have to test it out on your particular furniture as each case is different.

Buy with return policy -

If you are buying patio cushions, patio chair cushions or patio swing cushions that are not the right size for your outdoor furniture, try to buy them with a return option. Try them out at home, see if they fit well enough and return them if they don't.



  • If you find cheap patio cushions, be careful to take good care of them and protect them from the elements. This will make them last longer so you won't have to go finding cheap replacement cushions again in the near future.

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