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By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017


  • Botanical Name:Crocus

  • Planting Time: Fall

  • Height: 4" to 6"
  • Exposure: Full sun
  • Soil: well-drained, average soil
  • Hardiness: Zones 3-8 for spring bloomers, 5-8 for most fall bloomers.
  • Bloom Time: Early spring for spring blooming crocuses; early fall for fall bloomers.
  • Uses: naturalizing, rock gardens, forcing, anywhere their bright color will be appreciated in late winter and very early spring.


  • To overwinter well, crocuses need a dry summer. Keep this in mind when overplanting with summer flowers that may need constant watering.
  • Propagate crocuses by dividing in autumn. For fall-bloomers, wait until the foliage dies down.
  • Fall-blooming crocuses are often confused with Colchicum. Although the flowers are similar, they are actually two different species.
  • Good companions:

    *   With spring-bloomers plant mini daffodils and species tulips
    • Plant 'Autumn Joy' sedum with fall-bloomers.
  • Crocus are most impressive when planted en mass.


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