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Patchouli: A Magikal Herb

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

When I smell patchouli, I am immediately transported twenty something years back to my late teens. I never left the house without dabbing patchouli behind my ears and on my wrists. It is pungent! It seems like patchouli was the scent of choice among my peers in the mid-seventies. I still love patchouli, only now I use it in rituals. I am not sure that I could stand the strong smell all day long, like I did back then. I am sure everyone has come in contact with the scent of patchouli somewhere along the line. It's a scent you either love, or hate, but nonetheless it is a powerful herb when used along with your magickal intention.

Patchouli is a fragrant herb with soft, opposite egg-shaped leaves and square stems. It grows from two to three feet in height, and the crop is usually cut two to three times per year. Its whitish flowers are tinged with purple and when rubbed, give off the distinct scent of Earth.

During Victorian times, patchouli was actually woven into cashmere shawls to add an alluring scent. It was used widely in India in the thirties and forties. India Ink, the color used to make Indian blouses, is actually a blend of patchouli and camphor. When businessmen finally figured out that the scent was patchouli, they started to use the leaves of the plant to perfume their own homespun wares and passed them off as Indian-made fabrics.

Patchouli falls under the rule of the planet Saturn, which is otherwise known as the "Lord of Karma" and "The Task Master". Saturn is the planet of restriction, limitations, and hard-won rewards. Therefore, the use of Saturn's energy is strong and focused. For spells involving Saturn, it is best to do your work on Saturday, the day that is ruled by Saturn.

Patchouli falls under the element of Earth. Its scent is of rich, fertile Earth. Therefore this herb is used in grounding spells. Use it to ground you to Mother Earth, to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, sort of speak.

I like using patchouli in money spells. Sprinkle a bit in your wallet, and watch money come to you. As you sprinkle, visualize your wallet as full, so full that you can't close it correctly. Keep this vision with you; actually feel what it would feel like to have a wallet full of cash. When performing candle magick for prosperity, I sprinkle patchouli around the base of a green candle, or dig out the bottom of the candle and sprinkle patchouli in it. Always let the candle burn out completely when you do spells of this nature. Also, because of its "earthiness" patchouli is also used in fertility spells, and the making of fertility talismans.

When used in a love spell, patchouli will bring someone to you, but be careful...it usually brings in the lusty, sex filled kind of love that does not last long. Patchouli has been used successfully to attract people and promote lust!

Patchouli attracts in a BIG way. That is why I prefer to use it in spells of prosperity rather than love. You never know whom you will attract with the use of this herb. I have heard many people who used patchouli in loves spells say they attracted "really weird" people into their lives. Money, whether it's weird or not, is still money! If you must use this herb in a love spell, I suggest making a sachet and adding rose petals to it. Rose brings in the unconditional kind of love, and will add a good balance to the use of patchouli.

Remember, when working spells, always use the karmic clause "may this or something better manifest itself for me with harm to none." And never use a specific person's name in a love spell. Never work a spell that has any possibility of altering another's free will. Instead, view love as a concept. Ask for the traits you'd want in a mate - rather than asking for a specific mate.

So, dab on a bit of patchouli, most likely you will draw a crowd! If nothing else, you'll be transported back in time - maybe as far back as the sixties!!!

About the AuthorToni is a professional Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Advisor living in the Bayshore area of New Jersey with her two sons, Eric and Scott. She believes that we all manifest our own reality, and has recently started her own New Age Business which she totally enjoys! Toni publishes an online Magazine called Crimson Moon, and hosts a Forum of the same name. Come in and sit a spell - http://forums.delphi.com/thenewage/start (her screen name is Starlyn1). Toni possesses a strong background in astrology and uses it as a basis for most of her readings. Writing is one of her passions, and she is currenly working on her first book.


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