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Bucket Apron

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

by Betty Oppenheimer

&nbsp_Prepare for the hustle and bustle of March and April by creating this wonderful, convenient and cute bucket apron. It'll come in handy during fall harvesting, too. Break out that dusty sewing machine!_

The bucket apron is designed to fit around a 5-gallon pail. It allows you to carry tools, seeds, and marking pens with you through the garden, filling the bucket with weeds or harvested herbs or carrying fertilizers to spread in the soil. Note: Because the bucket apron has two large pockets (one on each side of the bucket), you must make two of everything.

Materials & Equipment

24 inches of 60" wide or 1 yard of 44" wide cotton canvas or twill
2 yards cotton or nylon webbing, 1" wide
4 yards double-folded bias trim
Sewing thread
Two 1" D-rings
Sewing machine

  1. Follow the measurements on the cutting diagram to mark and cut the fabric. Notice that the upper edge of the large pocket is angled so that the sides measure 8". Mark this shape on a piece of fabric 8" high by 26" wide, as shown. Mark the placement of the center pocket, with 5" extensions on each side. Now, draw a diagonal from the end of each 5" extension to each top corner. Measure 8" up this diagonal line and complete the top edge as shown on the cutting diagram.
  2. Sew bias binding to the top edge of each 6" x 6" pocket. Press under 1/2" from the bottom edge of each large pocket. Stitch along stitching line. Fold the pocket up and iron it in place. Topstitch 1/8" in from the side edges, backstitching at the pocket corners. Stitch again 1 1/2" in from one edge to make slots for pens and small tools.
  3. Sew bias binding along the top edges of the large pockets. Lay a large pocket onto each backing piece, with the wrong side of the pocket facing the right side of the backing, and bottom edges aligned. Stitch along the bottom, using a 1/4" seam allowance.
  4. With the assembled large pocket lying flat on the backing piece, pin the center of the pocket onto the backing. Measure 5" in from each side edge and pin the small pocket flat to these points. Stitch, making a center (flat) pocket and two side (billowing) pockets. Line up the large pocket side edges with the backing side edges. Round the bottom corners, and stitch the pocket to the backing, using a 3/8" seam allowance, following the rounded line around each corner.
  1. Trim the bottom corners of the bags along the rounded shape. Starting at one upper corner, fold under the raw binding edge and sew binding around the sides and bottom of the bags, covering the seam allowances that connect the large pocket to the backing. Ease the binding around the curves and turn under the raw edge at the ending corner.
  2. Press 1/2" along the top of each backing piece toward the face of the fabric. Cut a 48" length of webbing. Starting 3" in from one end of the webbing, pin the webbing to the face of one of the apron bags (covering the pressed down edge). Stitch the webbing to the apron bag, 1/8" in from each edge of the webbing. Leaving 2" between apron bags, pin the webbing to the face of the second apron bag. Stitch as before.
    4. On the longer end of the strap of webbing, fold under 1" twice. Use a box stitch to finish the end.
  3. Thread the two D-rings onto the 3" end of webbing. Fold under 1" twice and pin this to the back of the backing. This leaves the two D-rings on a 1/2" loop of webbing. Sew the folded ends to the backing with a box stitch.
  4. Wrap the apron around the bucket. Thread the long strap through both D-rings, back through only one D-ring, and pull tight.

Excerpted from Gifts For Herb Lovers


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