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Craftsman vs. Troy-Bilt 4-Cycle Weed Trimmers

Sears acquired the Craftsman trademark in 1927. In 2012, the company celebrates its 85-year anniversary. Craftsman provides residential, professional and industrial lines of tools and lawn and garden equipment. In addition to its customer service department, Craftsman supports a virtual catalog for tools and accessories. Troy-Bilt, which started in 1937 by making rototillers, offers an online shed where customers can register their products so as to have access to owner’s manuals, parts lists and a variety of other helpful services.

Craftsman Trimmers

Craftsman produces several string trimmers with 29cc four-cycle engines and 14-inch cutting swaths. Model number 79193 is an 18-pound, straight-shaft version served by a fixed-line feed with a four-line exit feature. The Weedwacker model number 79196 weighs only 14 pounds and comes with the company’s Hassle-Free cutting head, which has a dual line exit and uses .110/.130-inch-diameter line. Both of these models include D-handles. The two Craftsman Convertible Weedwacker trimmer models have curved shafts. Of these two, model number 41AD537C799 has a fixed-line feed that uses .105/.130-inch-diameter line, while model number 41AD535C799 uses a bump-line feed and .095-inch-diameter line. Both of these machines weigh in at 13.6 pounds, have a dual line exit and use curved trimmer line.

Crafsman Features

Craftsman trimmers offer Speed Start Technology and a plug-in powered start option that fits three-prong outlets. These features make starting your trimmer faster and easier. These Craftsman trimmers are rated for use on grass, weeds and light brush. All of the Craftsman four-cycle models accept attachments, so you can convert your machine from a trimmer into a cultivator, pruner, hedge trimmer, pole saw, brush cutter and blower. These attachments are sold separately. The company promotes its spiral-design line as a durable option for quiet, energy-efficient cutting. The line comes in pre-cut segments. The company’s website sells trimmers, attachments and accessories such as replacement line and oil.

Troy-Bilt Trimmers

Troy-Bilt produces several trimmers with 29cc four-cycle engines. The TB525 EC model has a dual line, the SpeedSpool2 bump head and a D-handle. The SpeedSpool2 bump head allows you to reload the head by turning a knob, so you can add line without the need to dismantle the spool. The TB539 ES has the SpeedSpool2 head and a D-handle, and comes with a Press2Start electric starter adapter. The TB575 EC has a dual-line bump head and a SpeedSpool2 bump head, and comes with a contour handle. These three models each provide a 17-inch cutting swath, use .095-inch diameter line and accept attachments.

Troy-Bilt Brush Cutters

Troy-Bilt has two trimmer and brush cutter models with 18-inch cutting swaths. The TB590 EC uses a bump-head line release and a .105-inch-diameter dual line. This model comes with an adjustable J-handle and a four-tooth steel brush blade accessory for brush cutting. The TBP6040 XP is equipped with a SpeedFeed trimmer head made to cut heavy vegetation, so you don’t need to bump the head to feed the line or take it apart to reload line. This model uses .095-inch-diameter line; is compatible with TrimmerPlus attachments; and comes with a D-handle, shoulder strap and Press2Start adapter.

Troy-Bilt Features

The model TB590 EC offers a smooth pull start while the other models have SpringAssist and Press2Start options. The SpringAssist starting system reduces the effort needed to start the trimmer. With the Press2Start feature, you don’t need to pull-start the machine; you can opt for a push-button start. The Press2Start accessory fits 2010 Troy-Bilt gas trimmer models. Blade pruner, pole saw, brush cutter, edger, hedge trimmer, turbo blower, cultivator and Aero-Flex cutting-head attachments are among those available for Troy-Bilt trimmers.

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