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Stihl Vs. Mantis Tiller Cultivator

Stihl traces its roots back to 1926, when its founder developed the first chainsaw. Since that time, the company has expanded its focus from tree-felling machines into power yard care tools. Mantis prides itself on being the first to develop a lightweight, easy-to-handle mini-tiller. Mantis tillers received recognition as a Consumers Digest “Best Buy” for performance, durability and versatility.

Stihl Basics

Stihl yard care tools are designed to be multifunctional. The Stihl Yard Boss models MM 55 and MM 55 C-E have a universal powerhead, while the Stihl KombiSystem is based around the KombiMotor. A series of attachments combines with each motor or powerhead to create a range of tools in one device.

Stihl Motors

The MM 55 has a 27.2cc engine, a tine speed of 200 rpm, a cultivating width of 8.5 inches and a weight of 21.2 lbs. The MM 55 C-E has a 27.2cc engine, a 200-rpm tine speed, a cultivating width of 8.5 inches and a weight of 21.8 lbs. The MM 55 C-E also includes the Easy2Start ignition system. Stihl has five versions of its KombiMotor. The KM 55 R has a 27.2cc engine and weighs 8.6 pounds; the KM 56 RC-E has a 27.2cc engine and weighs 9.5 lbs.; the KM 90 R has a 28.4cc engine and weighs 9.9 lbs.; the KM 110 R has a 31.4cc engine and weighs 9.9 lbs.; and the KM 130 R has a 36.3cc engine and a weight of 10.1 lbs.

Stihl Features

Yard Boss machines come with seven attachments, and KombiSystem devices offer 13 attachments to allow Stihl tillers to trim, edge, prune, dethatch, aerate and collect debris in addition to cultivate. The attachments are sold separately, so you can collect only the ones that fit your needs. For cultivation, both pick tines for loosening compacted soil and bolo tines for handling rocky, sandy and clay soil are available, along with a weight kit to help break through compacted areas and a depth gauge for adjusting cultivator depth. Yard Boss machines have ergonomically designed, folding handles, so they fit into smaller spaces for storage. You can store and transport all of the devices without the attachments installed to save space.

Mantis Basics

Mantis produces both gas-powered and electric tiller models. The gas-powered models have 21.2cc two-cycle engines and 9-inch tilling widths and come in 20- or 25-lb. versions, while the 25cc four-cycle Honda engines have 9-inch tilling widths and come in 24- and 26-lb. versions. The Mantis with the 35cc four-cycle Honda GX35 engine offers a 16-inch tilling width and weighs in at 34 lbs. The 3/4-horsepower electric model has three speeds, a 9-inch tilling width and a weight of 21 lbs. Each of the Mantis tillers has a 240-rpm tine speed.

Mantis Features

Mantis tillers feature reversible serpentine tines to break through hard, compacted soil, rocky soil and clay. The company guarantees the tines for life against breakage. Mantis sells a wide range of attachments and accessories to expand upon the uses of its tillers. The attachments turn your tiller into a furrow, plow, edger, trimmer, crevice cleaner, dethatcher or aerater. Available accessories include kickstands, tine detangler tools and weed reducer adapters, maintenance kits and extra tine sets. The handles of the tillers fold for easy transport and storage.

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