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Rain Bird vs. Toro Sprinkler Heads

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Rain Bird and Toro are companies that produce irrigation equipment. Both companies manufacture and sell equipment for residential, golf course and agricultural use. Both offer a wide range of sprinkler heads for small and large spaces, most of which are similar, with one notable exception -- Toro does not produce portable sprinkler heads that attach to garden hoses. Rain Bird, on the other hand, produces sprinklers for hoses, as well as complete portable sprinkler kits.

Rain Bird Residential Sprinkler Heads

Rain Bird offers pop-up and stationary sprinkler heads for small to medium areas. These are often simply called spray heads because they spray a fine but strong stream of water in all directions. They are sometimes used in gardens or shrubbery. The company also offers rotor sprinklers for residential use, in miniature or standard size. Most are plastic, but some are brass. These are used to irrigate large areas. Rotors are either single-stream or impact, and they provide even, windproof coverage in an adjustable pattern. The miniature rotor sprinklers are pop-ups and have a range of 18 feet, while the standard-sized pop-up sprinkler heads have a range of up to 32 feet.

Toro Residential Spinkler Heads

Like Rain Bird, Toro offers rotor and spray sprinkler heads for residential use. The company categorizes its sprinkler heads by stream type. Single- or fixed-stream sprinkler heads are used for small areas and spray water in a fixed -- usually a fan -- pattern. They are commonly used in gardens or small areas of turf, and are pop-up or mounted on small poles. Multi-stream sprinkler heads are adjustable and irrigate with multiple streams of water. They are commonly used on large areas, hills or on shrubs and are available in plastic, metal or a combination of both materials. Toro also makes pop-up spray heads that spray in all directions. These have a maximum range of 24 feet and a maximum pop-up height of 12 inches.

Other Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads

Rain Bird also produces and sells heavy-duty or professional-grade spray heads and rotor sprinkler heads. These are to be installed by professionals and are used for irrigation in agriculture or on golf courses and sports fields. The spray heads are metal. The pop-up rotors have a range of up to 50 feet, and some are made of stainless steel or brass rather than plastic.

Other Toro Sprinkler Heads

Like Rain Bird, Toro also makes professional-grade sprinkler heads used in agriculture, golf courses and sports fields. The heads vary widely -- there are more than 115 styles within the single, multi-stream and spray categories -- and come in brass, metal, plastic and stainless steel. Many cover areas of 50 feet or more.

Rain Bird Hose-End Sprinklers

Rain Bird offers plastic and brass impact and single-stream rotor sprinklers that can be attached to garden hoses. Each has a metal stake that can be inserted into the turf or ground to offer stability. These hose sprinklers are desirable for their economic value and because they are portable.

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