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Troy-Bilt Vs. Toro Lawn Mower

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Troy-Bilt and Toro lawn mowers are among the top competing lawn mowers in the midprice market. Both lawn mowers are known for durability and ease of use, and both mowers are available at national home improvement store chains. When selecting a lawn mower, consider price, warranty and features, as well as the size of your lawn and your terrain.


Toro was the clear winner based on consumer and objective reviews, according to Honda lawn mowers were the only brand rated higher than Toro, although they generally cost more. Toro gets good marks for ease of use, durability and warranty.

Cost and Availability

Home Depot carries Toro mowers, while Lowe's offers Troy-Bilt mowers. For similar features, Troy-Bilt mowers cost slightly more than Toro mowers at the time of publication. A 21-inch self-propelled, walk-behind Troy-Bilt mower cost $359, while a similar Toro model cost $279. Upgraded Toro models are priced between $349 and $399. The Home Depot also offers free shipping on Toro mowers.

Warranties and Customer Service

Toro offers a full two-year warranty, while Troy-Bilt offers a limited two-year warranty, although Lowe's offers an extended warranty option on Troy-Bilt mowers. Additionally, the Home Depot website offers downloadable manuals for assembly, use and care for Toro lawn mowers.


Troy-Bilt mowers come with a Honda motor and are available as push mowers or as self-propelled versions. The mowers also have larger back wheels for easy maneuverability over hilly terrain. Toro mowers offer an electric start system or a blade stop system that allows you to stop the blade without turning off the motor, which reduces wear on the motor and the starter.

General Recommendations

If you have a small lawn, the Troy-Bilt push mower will do an adequate job and costs less than $200. If you have a larger lawn, most reviewers recommend the Toro mower for superior mowing, ease of starting and overall durability. Reviewers also lauded Home Depot's excellent customer service if problems occur.

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