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Troy-Bilt Vs. Toro Lawn Mowers

By Christina Wheeler ; Updated September 21, 2017

Choosing a lawn tractor or lawn equipment can be a challenge with so many options available. There are many styles, models and brands to choose from, making it necessary for homeowners to do their research before making a purchase. There are several things to consider other than the actual features of the model itself, including the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the companies used to manufacture the parts. Both Toro and Troy-Bilt are popular names in the lawn care business, each with benefits and downfalls.


Toro began in 1914 manufacturing engines for Bull Tractor. After five years, Toro Manufacturing was created. It began making lawn tractors in 1937. The company already had a line of walk-behind mowers for residential use. It expanded its product line to include Lawn Boy in 1999, and are now on top of the lawn equipment industry. Troy-Bilt began offering a rototiller in 1937 and grew its enterprise to include other lawn devises soon after. With the company off to a rough start, it went through several name changes; Troy-Bilt was settled on as a tribute to its original manufacturing city. The company was purchased by MTD in 2001 but still operate under the Troy-Bilt name.


Toro began business using its own manufactured motor for its products. In the 1940s the company began making the switch to Briggs & Stratton, though, and now offers primarily this motor in its lawn equipment. Troy-Bilt follows much of the same motor practices as Toro. In the beginning, both companies manufactured their own motors, but have come to find it more cost-effective to contract that service out to another company, Briggs & Stratton, which is also the maker of most motors in Troy-Bilt products now. The current models from both companies offer comparable Briggs & Stratton motors.


Troy-Bilt offers a limited lifetime warranty on the lawn equipment it sells, but the replacement parts must be purchased through a dealer and homeowners are not allowed to make the repair themselves; Troy-Bilt will not stand behind a part not installed by one of its technicians. This limited warranty applies only to Troy-Bilt parts and does not include the motors or other accessories. Toro has one of the best warranties available in the lawn industry: the company provide coverage for the entire piece of lawn equipment, including non-Toro parts, for two years after purchase. This complete-coverage warranty is offered at no charge to customers on purchases made after 1997.


Toro lawn equipment is available in many different models of each design. Small equipment carried by Toro includes blowers, trimmers and walk-behind mowers. Toro offers a complete line of lawn tractors and riding mowers including zero-turn mowers and large lawn tractors. Troy-Bilt began with rototillers and still offers one of the most trusted rototillers on the market. It provides homeowners with small equipment mowers, trimmers and blowers. The company's selection of riding mowers is extensive and includes large lawn tractors.


Toro offers a customer financing center for residential lawn equipment packages. The comany has various financing offers provided through GE Financial Services and the local dealers with whom they contract. Troy-Bilt offers financing for residential customers also, providing various interest rates and offers. Financing is handled through the company's Troy-Bilt EZ Pay credit card system.