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Vigoro Vs. Scott Grass Seed

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Vigoro and Scotts are two of the major players in the lawn and garden sector. They both manufacture grass seed, fertilizer and herbicides and offer products with similar features. Regardless of which brand you choose, how well grass seed grows is largely related to the care you give it. Frequent watering ensures good germination and a healthy start to your lawn.


Vigoro and Scotts both carry grass seeds for a variety of lawn situations. Both offer fine fescue blends that grow well in shady areas, as well as tall fescue blends that tolerate heat, drought and foot traffic. Scotts offers grass seed that is coated to absorb and hold moisture longer, potentially aiding germination and reducing initial care. Scotts grass seed also comes with a slow-release fertilizer.


Scotts grass seed costs slightly more than Vigoro grass seed, depending on the vendor and variety. A 7-pound bag of Scotts sun and shade grass seed costs the same as a 10-pound bag of Vigoro sun and shade grass seed, as of 2011. However, initial cost isn't the only consideration. A grass seed that holds moisture and contains a slow-release fertilizer may actually reduce costs and time spent in maintenance tasks.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers at Home Depot gave Scotts grass seed an 80 percent approval rating, while Vigoro's rating was around 50 percent. Consumers liked how quickly Scotts grass grew, even with limited watering. One consumer noted that Vigoro's grass seed included annual rye grass, which doesn't come back after the first year. Variances in customer satisfaction may be contributed to a number of factors, such as geographic area, soil preparation, growing conditions and maintenance, as well as the quality of the grass.


Scotts and Vigoro grass seed are applied and maintained in similar fashion. Prepare the soil ahead of time, removing any weeds or debris. Add 1 inch of compost and rake the soil. Spread the grass seed with a rotary or drop spreader, according to the directions on the package. Rake the seeds lightly or use a lawn roller to ensure they make good contact with the soil. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of dirt and mulch with straw. Wet the soil with a gentle sprinkler two to three times a day, until the seed germinates.

Customer Service

Scotts has a well-developed website that includes access to articles on sowing seed and lawn maintenance, as well as detailed information about their products. Vigoro routes potential customers to the Home Depot site. Scotts also has a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.


When choosing a grass seed, consider how much sun your lawn gets, where you live and the amount of foot traffic your lawn receives. Fine fescue works well for shady areas, but doesn't tolerate wear. Tall fescue tolerates drought but is somewhat coarse. Bluegrass is a lush, green grass that needs a lot of water and fertilizer. Most people prefer to buy a blend of different grasses to get the attributes they want in a lawn. If you prefer, buy seed from nurseries that offer grass seed in bulk. Discuss your lawn challenges with an experienced nurseryman and get a custom-blend specifically designed for your yard.

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