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Ringer Lawn Treatment

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Ringer Lawn Restore, sometimes called lawn treatment, is an organic fertilizer in the form of pellets formulated for turf grass. It is made and marketed by Safer Brand, a product of the Woodstream Corporation of Lititiz, Pennsylvania. The Organic Materials Review Institute and the U.S. Department of Agriculture both approve it for organic growing.


The naturally occurring ingredients in Ringer Lawn Restores contain the three primary plant macro-nutrients needed by lawns: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). In Ringer Lawn Restore, these nutrients are in the ratio, by weight, of 10-2-6, meaning it contains 10 parts N, two parts P and six parts K. N is the main nutrient required for the growth of grass.

Ringer Lawn Restores is made of pellets pressed from hydrolyzed meal; these pellets contain poultry feathers, nitrate of sodium, potassium sulfate, bones and soybeans.

Application Time

Apply Ringer Lawn Restore in the spring when lawns begin growing after being dormant in the winter, and then one or two times more during the growing season. The manufacturer asserts that one application will make a lawn turn a richer green in three to five days and will last up to two months. Ringer Lawn Restore is strong enough to promote the growth of lawns in dry climates or in drought conditions. The fertilizer will not burn lawns.

On Established Lawns

Use a drop or rotary spreader to apply 10 lbs. of Ringer Lawn Restore per 1,000 square feet of lawn. Water after applying, and keep lawn moist for the next three to four days. Do not saturate the lawn. After application, water once or twice each week to provide 1 inch of moisture including rain. Most sprinklers provide 1 inch of moisture in three to four hours of use.

On New Lawns

Ringer Lawn Restore won’t burn developing roots on new sod or recently seeded lawns. The manufacturer recommends the same application rates as for established lawns, that is, 10 lbs. of Ringer Lawn Restore per 1,000 square feet. Work the fertilizer into the topsoil before laying new sod or seeding. Keep the lawn moist until new sod or seedlings are established. Do not saturate with water.


Naturally occurring bacteria in the ingredients contained in Ringer Lawn Restore work to promote the growth of worms and microbes that encourage the growth of lawn roots. Ringer Lawn Restore is often more expensive than chemical fertilizers.

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