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Flowering Trees Found in the Southeastern United States

Flowers on cherry tree image by Tomasz Kawecki from

Some of the most beautiful flowering trees in the country grow in the Southeastern United States. You are missing a spectacular sight if you've never seen a dogwood in spring. Homeowners in the Southeast can choose from a plethora of blooming trees for their landscape. Because the trees are native to the region, they are easy both to grow and to maintain.

Flowering Cherry

Plant flowering cherry in spring or fall, in full sun and fast-draining soil, with plenty of organic matter. If the soil is clay, plant on mounds or raised beds to avoid root rot. Branches in bloom provide plentiful indoor flower arrangements. This tree blooms in early spring with fragrant white, pink, or redish-purple double rose-shaped flowers and grows to 30 feet tall.


Dogwoods are an understory tree (growing under taller trees) in their wild, natural habitat, but they also grow well in sunny locations. Plant in partial shade if possible in well-drained soil mixed with plenty of organic matter. Dogwoods do best in soil that is acidic and moist. The tree's can reach a height of 20 to 30 feet with a spread of 20 to 25 feet. In spring, dogwood blooms with round petals of fragrant flowers.

Southern Magnolia

The Southern Magnolia grows best in rich, acidic, moist and well-drained soil. It's resistant to air pollution and salt spray, so feel free to plant it in the city or at the seashore. Southern Magnolia grows 20 to 80 feet tall and 20 to 50 feet wide. This highly fragrant tree produces large, round petals of white flowers that bloom from late spring to early summer.

Golden Raintree

Golden raintree blooms in early summer and makes a wonderful shade tree. It grows in any type of soil or climate and produces deep roots. It tolerates heat and wind well. During the first two years, water the tree deeply when there is no rain. After two years, golden raintree should be drought-tolerant. It grows to a height of 30 to 40 feet and has a spread of 25 to 35 feet.

Redbud Tree

The redbud tree, native to the Southeast, blooms in the spring with clusters of fragrant fuchsia, pink or white flowers. It reaches a height of 20 to 25 feet with a spread of 25 to 35 feet. Redbuds grow in most soils, including acidic and alkaline. They can thrive in a sunny or partially sunny location.

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