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Types of Soil in Northeastern Ohio

By Carla Locke ; Updated September 21, 2017
Northeast Ohio, home of Cleveland, has three soil types.

There are multiple types of soil in northeastern Ohio. These soil types determine the types of agricultural and ornamental plants that thrive in the area. The mineral content, geologic history, drainage properties and texture define the different types of soil.

Region 2--Conotton-Conneaut-Allis

Region 2 stretches along Lake Erie and approximately 10 miles south of the lake. The soil in Region 2 is composed of sediments from the lake and beach and glacial material. The soil has a coarse texture and is likely to erode because of the slope of the terrain. The lime content is low in this region, and there is some clay in the soil. The clay in the soil retains water, while the sand in this soil allows for adequate drainage. Based on these properties, this soil type is fertile.

Region 5--Bennington-Cardington-Centerburg

Region 5 soil is well-drained. This region stretches from the western end of northeast Ohio to southwest Ohio. The soil here is not as coarse. Clay is present in some of the soil. Well-drained soil with some clay is fertile. In addition, the texture of the soil should make this type of soil less difficult to till than soils with higher clay content.

Region 6--Mahoning-Canfield-Rittman-Chili

Region 6 soil is finer textured and not as well-drained in the northern areas of northeast Ohio. This region stretches from the border of Region 2 to central Ohio to the eastern edge of the state. This soil has little clay and not much organic matter in the top 10 inches. The soil is likely to erode due to the slope. This soil is less fertile, due to the lack of drainage and organic matter. However, the fine texture of the soil makes it easy to till and add soil amendments, such as compost.


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