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Plants for the Front of a House

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The front of the house is the first view that a visitor gets. It serves to create a good impression on a visitor. A house front properly framed with potted plants and trees can look very appealing. Plants placed strategically in the front of a house serve the purpose of directing attention towards the building’s more outstanding features, and also cover any unsightly or exposed foundation.


Short flowers look good when framed against taller plants. Shorter plants with colorful flowers accentuate the taller plants behind them and also highlight the front yard in its entirety. Pansies are one such example. They flower in a variety of colors and create a cheerful atmosphere for the front of the house. Pansies bloom in early spring and release a gentle aroma that perfumes the garden. The compact 9 to 10 inch height of the plant makes it ideal for growing in containers in the front of the house.

Shrub Roses

Shrub roses provide privacy with the additional benefit of color and cheer. The choice of shrub roses available is very wide and there is a different type available for particular climate conditions. The shrubs grow between 5 feet and 7 feet in height and thrive in many climate conditions. They are also not easily susceptible to diseases. All these properties make shrub roses ideal to be grown right at the front of the house.

Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass is an attractive addition to the front of the house. Some varieties add height, color and serve as a good backdrop to flowering plants. Other varieties can be used as focal points in the garden due to their height, unusual leaf shapes and attractive seed-heads. Some examples of ornamental grasses that complement the garden without making a very stark contrast are purple fountain grass and toffee twist sedge. Unusual growers like King Tut, baby Tut, and blue arrows rush add character to the front of the house.

White Pine Pinus Tree

The white pine pinus tree is a tall evergreen ideal as the backdrop to shorter plants in the front garden. It is an adaptable tree that grows within the given space constraints. The tree grows best in conditions of full sunlight or partial shade. Urban areas can have a detrimental effect on healthy growth of the tree so it needs to be planted in soil enriched with nutrients in an area that receives substantial sunlight for it to thrive. The pines of the tree change color with changing seasons and provide an attractive backdrop throughout the year.

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