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The Best Bushes for Hedges

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Hedges or landscaping shrubs serve multiple purposes. Hedges are perennial and hence add beauty and presence throughout the year. Once hedges reach a certain height, they do an excellent job of giving privacy to your garden. Hedges also serve the purpose of camouflaging eyesores like compost piles or outdoor air-conditioning units. Following is a list of some popular and fast-growing bushes ideal for a hedge.


The yew plant has a dense growth and attains a very good height very quickly. These properties make yew ideal as a privacy-protecting hedge. Because yew attains a substantial height quickly, the hedge has to be trimmed periodically. When trimmed properly, the yew shrub makes a statuesque wall for the garden.

Siberian Peashrub

The Siberian peashrub is a hardy plant that can adjust to difficult conditions. It can survive easily in cold and dry conditions where other plants may struggle to live. The peashrub grows as a very hard bush. Privacy and security are ensured because of the substantial height that it can grow and its hard nature.


Holly is a bush that has many varieties suited to a variety of climate conditions. It grows with prickly leaves and serves to discourage trespassers. It also screens the garden from passersby and neighbors. The male and female variants must be planted within close proximity of each other for the bush to bear berries. Holly will grow in most soil conditions and also in sun or shade.


The lilac bush has long been a very popular hedge plant. It grows very rapidly and produces broad branches that release a pleasant odor, making it a firm landscape favorite. Lilacs grow to the impressive height of 12 feet and are excellent as a screening hedge. It also attracts butterflies. The bush favors good sunlight and blooms in early spring.

Dwarf Burning Bush

The dwarf burning bush is a compact shrub that grows to a height of around 4 feet. Its dense nature and flaming red appearance in autumn make it an attractive garden hedge bush. Compactness of dwarf burning bush means that it only needs to be pruned very infrequently. The dwarf burning bush thrives in strong and full sunlight.


Boxwood is the most popular landscape bush that is most often grown as a hedge. It is a slow-growing evergreen shrub with dense foliage and is very compact in nature. This makes it very conducive to be pruned to attractive and imaginative shapes. Boxwood tends to grow to a height of around 4 feet. The plant favors un-amended soil and grows well in the sun.

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