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Rye Grass Planting

By Damon Hildebrand ; Updated September 21, 2017
Rye is among the easiest grasses to grow.

One of the easiest grasses to seed and establish is rye grass. A cool season grass of European descent, rye is available as either an annual or perennial variety. Used in both pastures and lawns for a multitude of purposes, it is popular in the South for overseeding lawns that go dormant in the winter. In the North, rye is valued as an annual lawn grass for its bright green color and ability to fill in quickly. Among all the grass seeds that can be planted, rye is the quickest to germinate and establish.

Rake all loose debris and clippings from the area to be seeded and bag for later use. Raking also scratches the ground somewhat to better ensure soil contact with the rye grass seeds.

Spread the seed evenly across the planting area, using a seed spreader for more accurate distribution. Adjust the spreader to apply 5 to 10 pounds of rye grass seed per 1,000 square feet. To improve results, apply seed just before or after a rain.

Keep the seeded area watered for the first week after planting. Seeds should germinate and start to grow within seven days. An annual rye grass used in overseeding will grow for one season before dying off as the days become warmer in late spring. Since rye grass is a cool season grass, expect the best results if it is planted in the early fall just as temperatures start to cool and warm season grasses begin to go into dormancy.


Things You Will Need

  • Seed spreader
  • Lawn rake


  • For rye grass to germinate, it must be in full contact with the soil.

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