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How to Care for a Lemon Lime Plant

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The lemon lime plant is a member of the dracaena plant family. The dracaena plant family consists of roughly 40 different types and styles of plant. Usually these plants can be found in offices or public buildings as decoration, or in homes around the world. Praised for their ability to clean the air and provide beauty to any location, the lemon lime style of the dracaena plant family can usually be purchased at a plant nursery or garden specialty store.

Create a mixture of sand and peat moss. The mixture should contain enough of both ingredients to completely fill an 8-inch planting container. Place approximately 1 inch of the mixture into the bottom of the planting container. The mixture should be half peat moss and half sand.

Remove the lemon lime plant from its original container and place it into its new container.

Continue by filling in the area around the lemon lime plant with the rest of the sand and peat moss mixture.

Water the plant as needed, ensuring the soil around the plant is always moist to the touch but never soaked. Water-logged soil creates the perfect environment for disease and fungal growth to occur.

Mist the lemon lime plant daily to ensure proper water content. Although not required, this activity can promote better growth.

Fertilize the lemon lime plant once per month using a water soluble fertilizer. Follow the package instructions for best results from the fertilizer.

Prune the plant as needed using sharp pruning shears. Although pruning is not necessary, pruning for looks is acceptable when growing a lemon lime plant.

The lemon lime plant is susceptible to pests such as mealy bug and spider mites. Treating them with a 3-in-1 fungicide/pesticide should do the trick. You can purchase a fungicide/pesticide at your local garden specialty store.


Lemon lime plants grow best in full to partial sun conditions. Placing them in a sunny location in your home will suffice.

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