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The Effects of Miracle Gro on Plants

By Carla Locke ; Updated September 21, 2017
A plant food such as Miracle Gro will make your garden thrive.
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Miracle Gro is a commercial plant fertilizer sold by the Scotts company. Other Miracle Gro products include soils, bone meal, blood meal and weed control products. There are also Miracle Gro organic soil and plant food products. Miracle Gro plant food comes in liquid, spike, pellet and water-soluble form. The other Miracle Gro products contain this plant food in their ingredients.

Apply plant food about every 2 months, starting in the spring. Not all products are recommended for container plants.

Stronger Roots

Miracle Gro plant food delivers essential nutrients directly to the plants in your garden or landscape. This ensures that the root system grows as much as possible. A strong root system is critical for the hardiness and production of your plants. Your plant can focus on producing healthy foliage, flowers or vegetables instead of devoting resources to survival.

Continuous Growth

Miracle Gro plant food is an extended release formula, so it feeds continuously. This even feeding promotes steady, uninterrupted growth. The Miracle Gro product family makes it easy to feed your plants on schedule. With most products, you mix and apply it as part of your regular watering routine.

Bigger Plants

The results of a strong root system and continuous feeding is that the plants become bigger faster. With full focus on growth and no lack of nutrients, plants that are properly watered will become bigger during the growing season than those that are not fed with Miracle Gro plant food.


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