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Automatic Indoor Plant Watering System

By Charles Pearson ; Updated September 21, 2017

Many automatic plant watering systems are available on the market. Homeowners need only to fill a reservoir with water, and the watering system provides the plants with the right amount of water so that they neither dry out nor get root rot. These systems are great for busy plant owners and for vacations. Gardeners can purchase ready-made systems or make their own systems.


Automatic watering systems usually can release an adjustable rate of water, depending on the amount of water that the particular species of plant needs. The device has a tube that goes into the plant's soil, thus cutting down on evaporation and using a minimal amount of water. Owners can cut the tube to the necessary length needed for the plant.


Smaller watering systems are placed near the plant. Larger automatic watering systems can be placed in a single centralized location. Cheaper automatic plant watering systems come in the shape of bulbs. These bulbs are filled with water, and the water drips in very small quantities through a very narrow tip. The owner sticks the tip into the soil, and gravity allows the water to fall into the soil.

Time Frame

Some watering systems provide water at regular intervals. A 7-liter automated watering system can water up to 14 plants for two weeks. Most watering systems rely on the owner to predict how much water the plants will need over a given time frame. However, various factors can cause the soil to dry out at different rates, including the humidity of the soil. Some automatic watering systems have sensors that can detect how dry the soil is, activating the automated system. The system keeps the water in a plastic or glass globe, which owners must refill eventually.


Manufactured automated systems have motors that generate a lot of noise, but the motor only runs for a minute, and owners can program it to run while they're at work. This system can get expensive for homes with a lot of plants. Property owners might not even want this system during a vacation, because some plants can go for a surprisingly long time without water.


The watering bulbs have attractive designs on them that many homeowners like. However, gardeners might not like the appearance of many of the automated watering systems, which can take away from the natural look of the houseplant.

Homemade Systems

The bulbs do not always store a lot of water, and some people do not like the appearance of a bulb sticking out of the soil. However, homeowners can save money and also water plants for a long time by putting water in a bucket and hooking up airline tubing to an aquarium air pump. The air pump will push the water out of the bucket, through the tube and into the plant's soil.


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