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Home Remedy to Get Rid of Rabbits

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Rabbits are animals that many enjoy as pets, but others my find them destructive. Wild rabbits can often chew on your flowers, vegetables, fruits and can even cause damage to other items like wooden boards. Although a rabbit population can be hard to control, you can use home remedies to keep them away safely.


Before you implement a home remedy to deter rabbits, prepare by acquiring the items that help. You can try out a few of these materials, or obtain all of them for a stronger defense.

Start by collecting dog and human hair that is sufficient to encircle your plants. If you do not have enough hair of your own, ask a beauty salon if they can give you some clippings. For dog hair, brush your animal and save the remains, otherwise, see if a nearby friend or relative can provide this item.

Next, check your kitchen to see if you have ground hot pepper, black pepper or chili powder. If not, purchase these condiments at a grocery store.

Continue by visiting a garden center to purchase these plants: Garlic, onions and marigolds.

Finally, go to a farm supply and/or hardware store to buy the following materials: Blood meal, crushed limestone, talcum powder and wood ashes. Additionally, look for fake animals that are natural predators to rabbits like snakes, owls and dogs.


Now that you have the necessary materials, go to the areas on your property where you see rabbits and follow these steps.

First, scatter the human and dog hair on the ground, especially around any plants that have been chewed on. The smells emitted from the hair alert the rabbit that a threat is nearby, which keeps them away.

Continue by sprinkling the condiments (for example, black pepper) on the soil and follow this with the wood ashes, blood meal, crushed limestone and talcum powder. Be sure to cover any ground that is regularly visited by the rabbits. These animals hate the taste of all of these materials and are driven away when they encounter them.

Next, plant the garlic, marigolds and onions around the vulnerable areas on your property. Rabbits hate the taste of these plants so they are ideal as a natural hindrance.

Lastly, position fake animals, such as dogs, around your home. Place them in areas that have a high rabbit activity or are especially susceptible to invasion. These natural enemies are enough to scare rabbits away and force them to move on.


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