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How to Cut a Slot in a Narrow Dowel With a Dremel

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Dremel is the brand name of a power rotary tool used for cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling. The Dremel is popular for its ergonomic design -- you can hold it like a fat pencil for detailed woodworking -- and powerful motor in a compact size. Cutting a slot in a narrow dowel takes a matter of seconds with a Dremel tool and a table vise.

Attach a cutting wheel bit to the Dremel tool drive shaft. Dremel makes cutting wheels in several different thicknesses, so choose the one best-suited for the desired slot size.

Wrap the wooden dowel in a towel to prevent crushing or denting of the wood at the spot where it will be placed in the vise.

Clamp the dowel in the vise.

Make a mark on the dowel where you wish to cut the slot. Also mark how deep the slot should be.

Start the Dremel tool and adjust the motor speed to medium. The on/off switch is built into the motor speed control.

Place the cutting wheel perpendicular to the dowel to cut a slot at 90 degrees to the wood.

Touch the grinding wheel to the dowel and gently apply pressure to cut a slot to the desired depth. Work slowly; it takes only seconds to make a deep groove in a piece of wood with a Dremel tool.


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