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Small Wooden Crafts to Make

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Woodworking can be an inexpensive hobby. Many small wooden crafts can be made from pieces of scrap wood and finished with leftover paint and stains. Depending on the project, you might need to purchase some wood. Small wooden crafts craft make fun holiday, birthday and anniversary gifts. Learn how to make small wooden crafts and share your talent with friends and family members.

Small Wooden Toys

Use a scroll saw and wood drill to create small wooden toys. The best wood for small wooden toys is a hardwood. Hardwood tends to split less and is more forgiving than softer woods. Ash, maple, cedar, mahogany and oak are good choices for these types of small wooden crafts. For most people, small wooden toys are a weekend project.

Trace your toy pattern stencil on the wood. Cut with scroll saw. Sand as needed to create smooth edges. Use wood screws and wood glue to assemble the toy. Paint in exciting and vibrant colors. Give to friends and family members as gifts, or start a small wooden toy collection.

Make modern toys or famous classic toys, such as toy cars and trains. An alternative to painting the wooden toys is to use stain and varnish. Don't give toys with small parts or painting on them to younger children. If you use the small wooden toys as part of a collection, make a small display shelf to show off your woodworking talent.

Small Wooden Signs

Make small wooden signs to hang on doors, use for advertisement or to give as gifts. The best wood for small wooden signs is pine. You can buy pre-cut wood at craft stores. Select a stencil to trace onto the wood. If you're using lettering, trace the letter stencils onto the wood to form the words. Add any additional designs. For example, you could do a welcome sign with a friend's family name on it for her front door.

Use a wood burner to burn the image you traced onto the small piece of wood. Work in sections. Use caution to prevent accidental burns. Once the wood burning is completed, use extra-fine sand paper to lightly buff the wood.

Apply a small amount of wood stain to a clean rag. Wipe the wooden sign in a small, circular motion to apply the stain. Allow the stain to dry for 15 minutes. Reapply stain until you have the desired darkness.

Use wood glue to attach a hanger to the back of the wooden sign. Hang the sign on your front door or give as a gift.


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