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How Do I Build a Wood Suggestion Box?

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

A wooden suggestion box is a great way to take comments and editorials from customers and reviewers. Secure, anonymous and discreet, the suggestion box has long been a staple of good customer-based business. Boost your customer service with a homemade wooden suggestion box.

Designing The Box

The most important part of any suggestion box is the lid. It should have hinges at one side, a lock at the opposite end and a slot in the top big enough to fit you surveys or customer comment cards. This will allow your customers to anonymously drop in their suggestions without the worry of other customers reading them.

Next, take notice of the amount of business done where the suggestion box will be placed. This will help you to determine the correct size box for your establishment.

Building The Box

To build your suggestion box you will need two small brass hinges, a small ring latch, a small key or combination lock, wood planks, such as a 2 by 6 inches or 2 by 8 inches, wood glue, small screws and wood lacquer.

Draw out your plans on the wood with pencil, so that it may be erased when the box is built. Using a rotary or jig saw, cut out two side panels, a front panel, a back panel, a bottom for the box, and a lid. Use a router or similar tool to cut a slot for suggestion cards in the lid.

Use wood glue to fit the bottom to the side, front and back panels. You may screw or nail them together for strength, but this is not necessary. Attach the two small hinges to the top of the back panel, and the hook latch to the front panel using small screws. Attach the lid of the box to the back hinges and the slot latch to the forward part of the lid also using small screws. If using a power drill, be careful not to split the wood when attaching the hinges and lock attachments.

Finally, use a coat of any wood lacquer to finish off the wood. This will seal the wood, making it a little stronger and more aesthetically pleasing.

Utilizing The Box

Place your suggestion box in an area of your establishment that receives heavy customer traffic. Most establishment will benefit from a box placed by the cash register or front door. The box may be screwed onto a table or desk for security's sake. Place suggestion cards or customer surveys near the box, and lock the box with a small key or combination lock.

When it is time to empty the box, simply unlock the lock, lift the lid and remove the completed cards or surveys.


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