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How to Build Birdhouses With Roofing Supplies & Materials

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017
Birds will love houses made from leftover roofing supplies.

Roofing supplies and materials scraps provide all necessary parts of a quality birdhouse. Build birdhouses for home use, for gifts or as a business if you have access to leftover roofing materials such as shingles, nails and scrap wood.

Create the main structure of the birdhouse with scrap wood. If you do not have boards wide enough to make a decent-sized birdhouse, construct a rectangular frame by nailing short pieces together. While birdhouses range in size depending on what types of birds you hope to attract, one that is about 1 foot tall and 6 inches square is ideal for many types.

Cut four pieces of roof shingle, each large enough to cover one side of the birdhouse frame. Use leftover roofing nails to attach these along all four edges. The base of the birdhouse can likewise be made from leftover roofing materials. However, since standard shingles are not extremely strong, nailing on a piece of plywood under the shingle material is ideal. Multiple layers of shingles can also give the base of the birdhouse the strength needed.

Use an electric drill to cut a hole in the front wall of the birdhouse. The size of the hole depends on what types of birds you want to attract, but 1 1/2 inches is ideal for most small songbirds. If you made the wall from roofing shingle material, a strong pair of shears or a sturdy utility blade can be used instead of the drill. Reinforce the opening by cutting the same size hole in another piece of shingle and gluing it in place over the first hole.

Cut the top edges of the wooden frame pieces at an angle. All four wooden corners of the structure should be cut to form an approximate 45-degree angle sloping from the back of the birdhouse to the front. Construct a light frame of wood and attach it to the main structure of the birdhouse with small hinges so it can open up in the front.

Cut a shingle large enough to cover the entire wooden roof frame and nail it on. For a fancier look, consider cutting strips of shingle material and overlapping them on the roof to give the impression of a true roof design. The roof can be opened and closed easily so you can clean the nest out when it is not in use.


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