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How to Close a Salt Water Pool

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Unfortunately, we do not all live in a climate that affords year-round use of a swimming pool. When daytime temperatures are at 70 degrees or below, it is time to close the salt water pool for the winter (winterize). By following a simple routine to properly prepare the pool in the late summer or early fall, you can be assured opening the pool for a new swimming season next year will run smoothly.

Vacuum the pool and clean the filter. The pool must be perfectly clean before you begin the winterizing procedure.

Turn the control for the sanitizing system, sometimes called a salt chlorinator or chlorine generator, to the highest level and run the pump continuously for two to three days.

On the second or third day, add twice the usual dose of algaecide as recommended on the package for the size of the pool. Run the pump for an additional hour or two to ensure that the chemicals are completely dispersed throughout the pool water.

Drain the salt water pool until the water level is below the filtering system's water return outlet(s) in the pool wall.

Punch two or three holes near the bottom of the disposable chlorinator. Submerge the chlorinator until it fills with water and floats upright.

Drain the filtering system as directed by the manufacturer, usually by removing a plug near the bottom of the unit.

Cover the pool with a tarp-like, dark-colored cover according to instructions included in the packaging. It is also advisable to secure the cover with tie downs and/or weights in case of harsh winter winds. The configuration of your pool determines which measures to take for the best results.


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