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What to Put Between Stepping Stones

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Stepping stones placed in a yard or garden offer a pathway from one point to another without the danger of people stomping on your favorite flower or matting down or wearing thin a certain area of a lawn. Stepping stones also provide focal points for a yard and can be utilitarian or fancy in design, size and shape. What to put between stepping stones is often a major consideration after the type of stepping stone a person chooses for their yard, and ideas are only limited by the imagination.


Plant grass between stepping stones in a lawn or edging a lawn. Grass is easy to care for and trim, and will provide a secure anchor for stepping stones. Whether your stepping stones are made out of rocks, concrete, wood or any other materials, grass is a beautiful buffer between them. This type of planting will not require special care or watering, and offers a relatively low-maintenance options for most home gardeners.


Arrange stones or pebbles in between stepping stones for a truly maintenance free solution to what to plant between any variety of stepping stone. River bottom stones, pebbles and even small rocks like lava rock offer a nice backdrop to all kinds of stepping stone materials. An occasional raking or leveling is usually all that is needed for maintenance.


Brick is also a maintenance-free solution for what to place between stepping stones, though time and planning and cutting bricks to correct shapes may take a little time. However, brick will set off concrete or pebble-type stones to perfection, and will last for years with little fuss or muss. Bits and pieces of flagstone laid out in mosaic-like patterns between round or square stepping stones will also add a nice focal point to a stepping stone path.

Ground Covers

Low-growing ground covers like bunchberries, wild strawberry and ground ivy are perfect solutions for gardeners who don't want to plant grass between stepping stones. These ground covers will more than likely grow slightly above the surface of the stepping stone, and with weekly trimming, offer a wonderful three-dimensional appearance to your stepping stone path. Other plants like creeping baby's breath, mondo grass and creeping phlox are also ideal.



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