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How to Extend a Water-Hose Line

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017
Water Hose

When the existing water hose is not long enough to reach the distant flowerbeds, it's time to extend the existing water hose line. Extending the existing water hose offers more flexibility than purchasing one extremely long hose. Not every job requires an extremely long line. By extending the existing one, you have the flexibility of being able to use only one hose when the excess line becomes cumbersome for closer watering jobs.

Determine how long the hose should be. Measure the distance from the water hose spigot to the area you wish to water.

Measure the length of the current water hose. Using simple arithmetic, subtract the length of the existing hose from the total desired length to determine the measurement for the extender hose.

Purchase a water hose connector. Water hose connectors come in varying styles and shapes. If the area you are trying to reach bends around the side of the house, look for a Goose Neck hose connector. They have a bend in the middle and will serve to pivot the hose in an "L" shape. If the extension is needed for an area directly ahead of the spigot area, purchase a standard water hose

Look for an extension water hose that is the approximate distance of your shortfall as determined in Step 2.

Apply plumbers tape to the end of the existing hose and attach the water hose connector. Make sure that it is securely fastened.

Wrap plumbers tape around one end of the newly purchased extension water hose and screw it into the other end of the water hose connector. Again, make sure it is fully tightened. Fastening the connections securely help to prevent water leakage from the points of connection.

Turn on the water and check to make sure water does not leak from the connection points.


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