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The Best Way to Install Deck Screws

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Deck screws are used on the top of deck boards, with standard screws and nails used for the frame. Many people do not realize there is a difference or that they even need a special screw for the top of the deck; however, deck screws can be very important to the overall look of a deck. These screws are manufactured with aesthetic appeal in mind, as they will remain uncovered and visible within the deck boards. It is important to install deck screws correctly to ensure the beauty and structural stability of the deck.

Intalling Deck Screws

First, lay the deck board on top of the frame and make a pencil mark on top of the board to denote where each base board is underneath the deck boards. You want to make sure your deck screws are drilling into the base boards or else the deck screws are not going to be connected to anything.

The positioning of the deck screws is also very important. You want to place your deck screws 1 inch to the inside of the edge of the board. If the deck screws are installed too close to the edge you risk splintering the boards. Set your drill at the lowest level so that you can have complete control over how deep the deck screw will go. You want to have your weight behind the drill and drive the deck screw straight down into the board, making sure the deck screw is not going in at an angle. Drive the deck screws into the board so that they are flush with the top of the board itself; slightly deeper than flush is alright, too. You just want to prevent screws from being too high or too low on the boards.

Lastly, make sure that the screws are installed roughly the same distance apart on every board. If your screws are different distances apart on every board, you will be able tell as there will be an obvious skewed pattern of the screws on top of the deck floor. The goal is to install the deck screws so that they are not noticeable and just become an understated part of the overall deck's appeal.


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