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Types of Cedar Fences

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

The beauty of cedar fences is one reason why they're so popular. Cedar fences can enhance the look of a garden or landscape. These kinds of fences are resistant to insect infestation and weather elements. They can last for years because of their durability. Different kinds of cedar wood are used to make fences.


Cedar fences are an ideal choice because they won't rot or warp and have a nice smell. Cedar wood is a lightweight, all-weather wood that is very strong, making it a good material for fences. These fences are also bacterial and fungal resistant. Though cedar fences don't need a finish, a wood sealer preserves the colorful tones and rich grain. Cedar fences can be painted. Remember, though, that paint isn't breathable and may flake and peel.


Cedar fences have a natural resistance to weather elements, such as wind and harsh winters. Cedar fence wood is dense, which decreases shrinking and swelling more than other soft woods. This keeps them stable in their proportions. Cedar fences come in many shapes and sizes. Different grades and accents can yield unique designs. Cedar fences are made from a high-quality natural wood that compliment and beautify residential or commercial properties.

Cedar Fence Woods

There are several cedar wood fencing materials. Western red cedar has warm red tones and ages differently that a striking silver gray. Natural oils make it resistant to rotting and insects. Western red cedar comes in clear and knotty grades with smooth or rough textures, allowing for plain or patterned fences. Northern white cedar is a stable wood that can be used for fences in many sizes and grades. This type is pale yellow, but ages to a silvery gray. Though white cedar is dimensionally stable and durable, red cedar is a higher quality wood that may last longer.


Cedar split-rail fences are usually made of western red cedar. This fence has thick cedar fence posts that are set in the ground. It has a rustic appearance and each rail looks different. Cedar shadowbox fences or picket fences add privacy or decoration to a landscape and home. Many cedar shadowbox fences are made with a flat piece of wood on the top, which keeps moisture away from the boards. Cedar lattice fences or panels are an ideal substitute for a solid cedar board fence, Buy a cedar lattice fence that's thick and made of good quality cedar so it will last a long time. Some cedar lattice fences are more private than others depending on the proportion of lattice work.


Moisture is not good for most types of wood. One of the best features of cedar is how it stays straight and flat when moisture is present. This makes it a good choice for fences and other projects. Cedar lightweight and porous properties absorb noise, too.


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