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How to Get Rid of Birds on My Porch

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Birds can become pests when they live or eat near your home patio or porch. If there are trees on your lawn or food sources within the area, birds will be nearby. You may not be able to--or want to--remove nests in nearby trees, so you must troubleshoot the bird problem until they stay away from your porch. Keep the porch clean and free of any bugs or seeds that attract birds. You'll also need to part with anything on the porch that is obviously drawing the birds, such as a bird feeder or certain types of plants.

Remove any dead leaves, twigs and other materials around your porch that a bird might use to build a nest. Wear rubber gloves when picking up these items, place them in yard waste bags, and close the bags securely.

Cut back tree branches that are directly over the porch area. Use hedge clippers, and properly dispose of the branches. This will help eliminate spots where birds can nest near or on your porch, and prevent them from going to the roof.

Keep your porch clean and well-maintained. Be sure all of your outside plants stay healthy. Regularly check for any scattered plant debris or seeds, and remove them immediately. Once you eliminate the food sources and make your porch inhospitable to the birds, they will stay away.

Put a bird feeder in your backyard, far away from the porch or patio. You can also place a birdbath at a distance from the porch. This will keep the birds in another location, as long as there is no food around your porch area.

Purchase a sonic bird repellent, which is a motion-sensing device. Place it anywhere around your porch, and it will emit a high-pitched sound that will scare away any birds that come near it. Try to figure out where on the porch the birds go the most, and place the device there.


Never remove a nest that has eggs in it. Once the eggs hatch and the birds leave the nest, call a pest specialist to remove the nest. If you remove the nest yourself, the birds will rebuild in the same area.

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