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When to Transplant a Snowball Bush

The Chinese snowball bush can grow large for a shrub, reaching 10 to 12 feet in both height and spread. This can surprise gardeners, who may choose to transplant the bush to a larger, more suitable site.


Spring is the best time to transplant the snowball bush. The shrub's buds form in the summer or fall, so to avoid removing next season's blooms, transplant the snowball bush immediately after it finishes flowering.


Cut the snowball bush back to a manageable size. Cut it conservatively, and tie the branches with twine to keep them out of the way while moving it.


Water the snowball bush deeply the day before transplanting it. Water slowly until the water puddles at the base of the plant. This softens the soil to make it easier to dig up the bush.

Transplant A Snowball Tree

Root prune the roots of your snowball well in advance. If you want to transplant the tree in the fall, begin root pruning after the snowball has stopped blooming in June. Over the next couple months, ensure the roots do not grow past the trench. Tie up any low-hanging branches with heavy twine to keep them from being damaged during the transplanting process. Dig out the root ball you started to form several months ago with a shovel. Prepare the new site for the snowball tree. Fill the hole with well drained subsoil so that the marked spot on the trunk of the tree is 1 inch above the soil line. Use your hands to work the soil around the root ball until it is completely covered.

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