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Flowers Native to Vietnam

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Vietnam is known for producing many bright, colorful flowers. Its climate is mostly tropical, which allows for some flowers to grow and bloom year round. Da Lat, which is one of Vietnam's most popular tourist destinations, has a more temperate climate and is home to the country's agricultural industry, including the flower industry.


In Vietnam, the chrysanthemum is known as hoa cuc. It is a popular flower there and is often planted in pots on balconies or verandas. Vietnamese also often place chrysanthemums on altars. This flower has large blooms and comes in such colors as orange, red and yellow.


The orchid, or hoa lan, is a common sight all over Vietnam. These flowers are used in religious ceremonies in the country and grow on trunks of trees or on cliffs where the weather is humid and there is plenty of sunlight. There are 100,000 species of orchids and 500 of them grow naturally in Vietnam.

Peach Flower

The peach flower, known in Vietnam as hoa dao, grows only in North Vietnam. It is the symbol of the Vietnamese New Year because it is red, signifying good opportunities for the coming year. Other varieties of the flower are pale peach, pink or white, but the red is the most popular. Sending red peach flowers to people in the south during the New Year celebration is considered a precious gift.


The lotus flower, or hoa sen, lives mostly in water and is white or pink. Lotus is the Vietnamese symbol for summer because that is when it blooms and perfumes the air. Vietnamese people use the lotus flowers as offerings to the gods, the seeds for tea and he leaves wrap rice in; they also make medicine out of the seeds.

Da Lat Rose

This rose is native to the Vietnamese city of Da Lat. It comes in many shades, such as yellow, red or pink. The yellow variety of this rose is very popular in Europe and can last from seven to 15 days in a vase.

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