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When Do Gardenias Bloom?

By Sherry Shinholster ; Updated July 21, 2017

Gardenia is a shrub that bears a fragrant, lovely white flower. The gardenia is native to the tropics. They love a moist environment and appreciate early morning misting on its foliage. Although growing gardenias are quite challenging, it can be rewarding.


Gardenias thrive in hot humid temperatures. They don't tolerate cold weather well. Gardenias do their best when grown in the South, because they love warm temperatures.

In the North

In the North, gardenias are grown indoors. As a houseplant, gardenias need direct sunlight or a source of bright light. Don't allow them to get overheated. New buds are sensitive to temperatures about 60 degrees F.

Growing Gardenias Outdoors

If you grow gardenias outdoors, they will need full sun or partial shade. Organic soil is preferable. Don't overwater. When the soil dries out 1 inch below the ground, and then water. Use an acid fertilizer because gardenias are an acid-loving plant.


Gardenias start blooming in April and sometimes continue to bloom through July and August. It mainly depends on your climate. In the North, gardenias have been known to bloom in November and December.


The main problem with gardenias is that they have a tendency to drop their buds. This is caused by too much moisture, low-acid soil or humidity that is too low.


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