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How to Keep Dianthus Blooming

By Annita Lawson ; Updated July 21, 2017
Regular attention keeps dianthus blooming all season long.
Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

There are approximately 300 species of dianthus to choose from, in biennial, annual and perennial varieties. They have colorful blooms in numerous shades of pink, white, red and purple. The blooms open in spring and will last until frost, if provided with the right growing conditions and care. Dianthus are not fussy plants and it takes very little to keep them happy. Plentiful sunlight, sufficient water and regular grooming help ensure that blooms adorn the plants all season long.

Plant dianthus in a site that receives full sun at least six hours every day.

Place 2 inches of mulch around the plants to keep moisture from evaporating too quickly.

Water dianthus when less than 1 inch of rain falls in a week.

Feed every month during the growing season with water-soluble fertilizer.

Clip the blooms off as they fade.

Broadcast a 1-inch layer of compost around the plants each spring if growing perennial or biennial dianthus.

Divide perennial dianthus clumps once every three or four years. This is best done in early spring.