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The Average Cost of a Dozen Roses

The average cost of a dozen roses depends on several factors. Where you buy the roses can mean you pay more or less. When you buy the roses can result in a variance of ten, twenty or more dollars. How you buy them affects the average cost as well. Finally, what kind of roses you buy affects the price, too.


Roses are available in grocery stores, florists, and online. Grocery stores often have at least a flower and plant shop in the produce section if not a full time florist. A dozen roses in a plastic wrap costs an average of about $10.00 per dozen at the grocer's. Florists offer a dozen roses in a box or wrapped in tissue for around $30. Online florists offer roses at slightly less than those purchased at the neighborhood florist. Flowers shipped directly from the grower cost less than those purchased from online florists, but sometimes a minimum purchase of several dozen roses is required.


Roses are one of those flowers that are always in season somewhere in the world. Costs don't vary much whether you buy the flowers in the spring or dead of winter. What does affect the cost is the demand for roses. Mother's Day creates a huge demand for flowers in general and that includes roses. The average cost of roses will be closer to $30 at the grocer's and $50 at the florist's. Valentine's Day is second when it comes to the increase in the average cost of a dozen roses and prices are about the same as those for Mother's Day. Finally June roses are more expensive because brides favor the month of June for weddings and roses are a favorite for wedding bouquets and arrangements.


How you buy roses affects the costs. A dozen roses wrapped in cellophane costs less than a dozen roses arranged in a vase. Add greenery and baby's breath and the price increases again. Roses in a table arrangement require time and effort by the florist and that means the price goes up. Delivered roses amp up the price even more.


The kind of roses you buy will have an impact on the average price. Red roses are most in demand. Growers know this and grow more red roses to meet the demand. Exotic colors such as purple or almost black cost more than standard colors of red, pink, and white. Highly scented roses or very large blossomed roses cost more.

Average price varies

The average cost of a dozen roses varies from about $10 to nearly $100 depending on where and when they're bought, what kind of roses you purchase, and how the roses are arranged.

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