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How to Care for Mandevilla Sanderi

By Vera Leigh ; Updated July 21, 2017

The Mandevilla sanderi is a tropical flower that grows on a vine that can stretch 8 feet high. Because Mandevilla sanderi is a vine, it can grow easily on the side of a house, along a fence and along a wall that allows it to spread out and attach itself. It features bright-pink to red blooms with yellow necks that can be 3 inches wide. The blooms are accented by deep-green leaves that are an oblong shape. The Madevilla sanderi blooms in the spring and continues blooming until fall.

Plant your Mandevilla sanderi vine plant in a location with direct sunlight as well as a little shade.

Amend your soil to create the well-drained soil required to avoid root rot of the Mendevilla sanderi. Combine one part loam, two parts sand and two parts peat moss and work it into the soil. Add a slow-release fertilizer to the soil about four times a year -- every three months.

Install a trellis in your garden to provide your Mandevilla sanderi with a structure to grow upon. The Mandevilla sanderi also will grow against fences and walls.

Water your Mandevilla sanderi so that that the soil is moist but does not have any standing water. Yellowing lower leaves may indicate you have watered the plant too much.

Grow your Mandevill sanderi inside if temperatures outside dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Place it in direct indoor light and water it less frequently than if it were growing outside.

Prune the Mandevilla sanderi during the late winter or early spring by cutting away old stems or stems that have crowded together. If you cut back your stems near to the ground, they will grow back by the summer.


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