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How to Remove Tree Sap With Vinegar

By Isaiah David ; Updated July 21, 2017

Tree sap or pitch can cling stubbornly to boots, gloves, windshields, tents and just about anything else. Although sap falls in thick drops on the surface, if it isn't treated quickly it can get rubbed onto or into the object, forming a layer that is extremely hard to get out. Treat tree sap as soon as you find it to minimize the amount of work you have to do. Scrape as much of it off as you can by hand, and clean the rest off with vinegar and water.

Hold an ice cube against the sap for half a minute or more until the sap is cold and brittle. If the sap is on a small item, such as a glove, place the item in the freezer to freeze the sap instead of using an ice cube.

Scrape off as much of the sap as you can using a butter knife or other scraping tool. If the sap is on your windshield, use a plastic ice scraper to avoid scratching the glass. Repeat steps one and two until you have removed any large chunks of tree sap and only have a thin layer remaining.

Wet a cloth with vinegar and vigorously rub it against the tree sap.

Rinse the item in water and inspect it to see if any sap remains. If there is still sap, rub it with vinegar and rinse it again.


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