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How to Get Rid of Sweat Bees

By Michael Davidson ; Updated July 21, 2017

The term "sweat bee" is a general classification given to any bee that is attracted by the salt in human sweat. They can be a nuisance because they will fly around anyone sweating and attempt to land on their skin. They then sting if they are swatted or squished and the sting can be very dangerous to anyone with a bee allergy. Getting rid of sweat bees should be done carefully to prevent accidental stings.

Eliminate any wood piles from your yard in early spring. Sweat bees tend to nest in the soil or in trees in late spring and they will frequently use a wood pile as a nesting site. Removing nesting possibilities helps eliminate the problem before it can start in your yard.

Remove any stumps that you may have in the vicinity. They are another popular nesting site for sweat bees.

Bag your grass clippings when mowing the lawn to further disrupt locations that the bees may nest.

Reduce the amount of water you are using to water the grass since sweat bees are attracted to moisture when selecting nests and breeding areas.

Drop cyfluthrin granules into your lawn and any other areas where you are starting to notice sweat bee activity. It is an insecticide that helps control bee populations. Keep pets and children clear of the area for the first hour after application.

Spray bee killer over the top of the granules. The cyfluthrin is useful for killing bee larvae in the soil but a bee-killing spray will be effective in eliminating the adult population that already exists. Follow all application instructions on the container to avoid damage to the yard.


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