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How to Use a Swimming Pool Flocculant


Add a clarifier to the water to clear up the water completely.

How to Use a Swimming Pool Flocculant. Swimming pool filters remove debris and some particles, but a flocculant can clear the water of microscopic particles. Flocculants attach to these tiny particles, and they are then whisked from the swimming pool by the filters.

Clean he swimming pool with a cartridge or sand filtration system if you have a large pool. Skimming alone won't work.

Buy a flocculant from a pool store or order online. Flocculants come in granules and tablets. The tablet form takes longer to dissolve and acts slowly. The smaller granules go to work immediately and clean the water quickly.

Add a flocculant tablet or granules to the pool water in the evening before going to bed. Run the pool's filtration system overnight. In the morning the pool water should be cleaned of the particles created by the flocculant.

Add a flocculant to the water at the first sign of cloudiness. Cloudiness in the water is caused by various particulates, and flocculants can clear up the water overnight.

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