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How to Adjust Your Swimming Pool Inlet Fitting

By braniac ; Updated July 21, 2017

Your pool water is always cloudy! It could be a very simple solution to a clearer and more enjoyable pool, read on...

I'm speaking to the owners of above ground swimming pools, either round or oval, that have at least a 1 hp pump and filter system. If your pool water is cloudy there could be a whole list of things wrong with it. If your alkalinity is low, the addition of chlorine will make the water cloudy. If dirt is blowing into the pool from a nearby dirt road every time a car passes by, that could be another cause. Pollen blowing over a nearby hillside directly into the pool at a certain time of the year can cause cloudiness as well.

I have found however, that one of the most common causes for cloudy water in a pool is the misplacement of the return inlet fitting' s eyeball that sends the filtered water back into the pool. Check your eyeball fitting and see in what direction it's pointing. A lot of people have it shooting back into the pool directly across the surface because it looks cool to see that long stream of water splashing back in that way. There is a problem with that way of doing it. Let's just analyze what is happening. The pump and filter are cleaning the water and then that clean water is heading back into the pool on the surface. It swirls around the pool and when it gets to the skimmer, gets sucked back in to make the journey all over again.

As a result of this way of doing things, those people have the cleanest top foot of water on the planet, but what about all of the water below? How does the water from the bottom of the pool ever get up into the filter system so that it can be cleaned as well? The answer is, it doesn't! They just keep filtering the same water over and over again.

What needs to happen is the readjustment of the eyeball fitting. If you loosen the outer ring that holds the eyeball in a given direction, you can change its position and then re-tighten the outer nut or ring. You want to have the stream of water coming back into the pool at a severe downward angle and pointed away from the skimmer. So, just like a baseball pitch, down and away is what you want! The results of this seemingly insignificant change can be seen within a half an hour, as the water becomes clearer and clearer, finally revealing the bottom.

I realize that this sounds totally unbelievable, but it is the most common mistake that I have seen among pool owners. It's too simple to be that, or so they think, until they try it and it works! You may have other factors at work to cause cloudiness like too many phosphates in the water, at which point you'll need to test for that possibility and add a product like Phos Free in the correct dosage. Water can also reach a saturation level where it just cannot hold another thing. If you picture adding granulated sugar to a glass of iced tea you'll see what I mean. The tea can hold a lot of sugar and when it is stirred the sugar is invisible. If you keep adding sugar to that glass of tea, it will eventually reach a saturation point, where all of the stirring in the world will not dissolve one more granule of sugar. The water is max' d out! It just can't hold one more thing. That is what can happen to your pool water as well.

Before jumping the gun and trying all kinds of remedies, check the direction of that eyeball! I know which way it's pointing! I never change it! Well, maybe somebody else did without you even knowing it. Give this a try. It will cost you absolutely nothing and you'll be pleasantly surprised how something so simple can fix the problem!