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How to Use a Swing Set Slide as a Pool Slide

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Supervise your kids whenever they use the slide. Get into the water and stand near the end of the slide if possible, especially to catch smaller children. That way, you can help them as they land in the water.

Do not let your kids slide down the slide unless they are able to swim and/or are wearing flotation devices.

Swing sets provide hours of fun for kids during warm weather months. They are a healthy alternative to watching TV, and they encourage kids to get outside and get some physical exercise. If your swing set has a slide, you can use the swing set slide to double as a pool slide for your in-ground or inflatable pool. The slide provides some additional fun in the sun for you and your kids during the summer.

Assemble your swing set according to the owner's manual. If it is already assembled, perform a check-up to make sure all screws and bolts are tight and that everything is in working order.

Move the swing set near your pool. Or, if you are using an inflatable child's pool, move the pool close to the swing set. Make sure the swing set is level and stable, and is resting on flat, solid ground on all sides.

Position the slide so it flows over the water's edge. The end of the slide should hang over the water about a foot past the pool's edge. Otherwise, if the slide does not reach out over the pool, your kids might slide down and not reach the water and could get hurt. If you are using an inflatable pool, position the pool under the slide so the slide goes directly into the middle of the pool. Ensure the slide is stable.

Test the slide by sending an object down it to make sure it lands safely in the water. For example, try sending down a plastic cooler, or something else that can get wet. The slide might work more effectively if you get it wet first.

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