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How to Keep Snakes Out of Pools

snake image by Pali A from

One of the scariest potential problems when taking a dip in the pool is to find a snake. While not all snakes are dangerous, and all are beneficial, they are rarely desirable in a pool. Snakes can be difficult to get out of water once they make their way into it, so prevention is the key to such a problem. There is no fool-proof snake repellent, so the best option to prevent snakes in the pool is to make the area unappealing to them.

Mow any grass around the pool at least twice per week to keep the length short. The taller the grass is, the more likely snakes will come around. All tall weeds should be removed as well.

Remove any clutter, such as toys, pool supplies or tools from the ground. Wood, mulch or compost piles should be as far away from the pool as possible. Any potential hiding spot for snakes will increase the chance of them making their way into the pool.

Clean up all food scraps from the pool and lawn if food is regularly eaten outdoors. Food scraps may attract small rodents or animals, which in turn can attract snakes.

Place a cover over the pool if people are not swimming in it. This is especially important at night when snakes feel more comfortable coming around homes.

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