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Fiber Optic Pool Lights Repair

By Amy Rodriguez ; Updated July 21, 2017
Pools can be lit with a variety of devices.
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Swimming pools add beauty to a common backyard. At night, the choice of lighting within the pool walls, such as with fiber optics, can add yet another layer of charm, but can also require periodic repair.


Fiber optic lighting consists of narrow, plastic fibers that do not conduct electricity, but that move light along its length. The bulb generating the light is above ground, and the resulting light at the end of the fiber optic line illuminates the pool water.


If the bulb fails, it is a simpler replacement than a bulb within the pool wall since it is above ground. After verifying that the bulb is sound, and there is no light generated afterward, most likely the junction box that supplies the electricity is malfunctioning or a circuit breaker has tripped.


When installing fiber optic pool lights, the lines must be tested thoroughly before finishing the pool construction. Verify with the contractor that the fibers are placed and functioning correctly. Replacing the fiber optics lines for a customized pool can cost as much as $40 per foot (as of March 2011).


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