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How to Convert an Intex Pool to a Bigger Pump

By Danielle Odom ; Updated July 21, 2017
Change your Intex filter pump to save time and money.
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Intex produces above-ground pools and pool equipment. When you purchase an Intex pool, typically a filter comes with it. After years of use and continuous exposure to chemically-treated water, these filter pumps can burn out. Smaller Intex pumps take longer to circulate the water and, therefore, cost more money to run. When it comes time to replace your Intex pool pump, purchase a larger pump to save money and clean the pool more efficiently.

Turn off and unplug the old pool pump and filter.

Plug the holes where the water lines enter and exit the pool with the black plugs that originally came with the pool or pull the plunger valves up and turn them clockwise to close off the flow of water to the pump.

Drain the pump then loosen the hose clamps or nuts on the ends of the water lines attached to the pool. Hose clamps use a Phillips head screw to hold them tight. Hose nuts can be tightened by hand.

Remove the old pump from the pool and discard it.

Place the new filter near the inlet and outflow holes that are pre-cut into the lining of the pool.

Run a hose from the outlet on the right side of the pump to the higher of the two pre-cut holes in the pool liner. Tighten the hose clamps or nuts on both ends of the hose to secure it. This is the water inlet.

Run the other hose from the outlet, or the lower of the two pre-cut holes in the liner, to the inlet on the pump. Tighten the hose clamps or hose nuts on both ends of the hose to secure it.

Open the filter container and pour water into the filter to prime the pump.

Remove the black plugs from the intake and outflow holes inside the pool or twist the plunger valves and push them down to re-open the lines.

Run power to the pump and turn it on.


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